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Venus Legacy

Venus Legacy is an innovative technology that uses a combination of radiofrequency energy and magnetic fields to target cellulite, reduce body circumference and improve skin elasticity. The painless and non-invasive treatment sessions deliver fast results, improving skin texture and giving a firmer appearance. With Venus Legacy, you can achieve visible results that help shape your figure and improve the overall appearance of your skin.

Venus Legacy™

Venus Legacy™ is the way to fight stubborn fat and cellulite.

It combines the technology of multipolar radio waves and the proven method of pulsed magnetic fields to work deeper under the skin, resulting in increased blood circulation, immediate plumping and glowing of the skin.

Price: PLN 200

Time: 40 min

Location: 8/2 Armii Krajowej Avenue Wrocław

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Effects of treatment

Skin firming of thighs, buttocks, arms and hands
Cellulite reduction
Increased abdominal skin tone
Silhouette modelling

Indications for treatment:


Puffiness, swelling and wrinkles around the eyes
Wrinkles and sagging facial skin
Loss of oval, appearance of so-called hamsters
Wrinkles and lines around the mouth (so-called smoker's lines)
Excess fatty tissue in the chin area
Sagging neck and chin skin
Neck wrinkles


Flabby skin in the shoulder area with a tendency to sagging so-called pelicans
Excess fat of the shoulder and neck region
Excess body fat and loss of firmness of the abdominal skin
Flabby and loose abdominal skin after weight loss or pregnancy
Sagging buttocks
Breeches, or excess fatty tissue on the outside of the thighs
Excess fat on the thighs

Contraindications to treatment

Pregnancy, breastfeeding
Metal implants in the surgical site (IUD is not a contraindication)
Autoimmune skin diseases
Skin infections at the treatment site
Implanted pacemaker
Kidney and liver diseases
Blood system disorders e.g. thrombosis
VENUS 4D technology

VENUS 4D technology - The new treatment standard

The Venus Legacy™ device is the first and only FDA-certified device to use 4D® technology, which is a combination of multi-polar radiofrequency (RF) commonly referred to as Thermolifting with pulsed magnetic field (PEMF), VariPulse™ (VP) technology and Real Time Thermal Feedback tissue temperature elevation technology.

Additional heads

Commonly referred to as "Thermolifting"

Shrinkage of collagen fibres
Collagen synthesis


Collagen synthesis
Fibroblast formation
Formation of new capillaries


Precise adjustment of tissue penetration depth
Lymphatic drainage
Improved circulation

 (Real Time Thermal Feedback)

Graphical representation of temperature rise
Built-in thermometer
Continuous contact between transducer and tissue

Price list

Price list of our services

Come and enjoy our services where we take care of your beauty and well-being. Prices are subject to change depending on the specific treatment. If you have any further questions or would like to make an appointment, please contact us.
Venus Legacy for the face
1 procedure 
5 treatments
Face+ forehead
PLN 350
PLN 1500
Face+ forehead+ chin
PLN 500
300 zł
PLN 1300
Neck+ décolletage
PLN 500
PLN 200
PLN 900
Eye area
250 zł
PLN 1000
Venus Legacy for the body
1 procedure 
5 treatments
PLN 350
PLN 1550
Back (bra area)
PLN 350
PLN 1550
The buttocks
PLN 350
PLN 1500
PLN 400
1800 zł
Legs whole
PLN 560
PLN 2300
Knee area
250 zł
PLN 1100
250 zł
PLN 1000
PLN 200
PLN 900
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Frequently asked questions 

We have prepared a list of the most frequently asked questions below. 
What does the Venus Legacy treatment look like?
The treatment lasts approximately 10-70 minutes, depending on the chosen location and skin condition. No special preparation is required. During the Venus Legacy™ head, you only feel a pleasant warmth. The treatment head is applied to the body, after being coated with a lubricating substance, and then moved over the skin in a circular motion. One of the four heads is selected for the body or facial area. During treatment with the Venus Legacy device, we precisely control the temperature of the tissues in the areas being treated, thus delivering the optimal amount of energy for firming, smoothing and cellulite reduction.
Is the Venus Legacy treatment painful?
The Venus Legacy treatment is usually comfortable and painless. Patients may only feel a mild warmth or pleasant tingling during the procedure.
What areas of the body can be treated with Venus Legacy?
Venus Legacy is a versatile method that can be used on various areas of the body including the face, neck, arms, abdomen, thighs and buttocks to improve skin elasticity, reduce cellulite and firm the body.
When can I expect visible results from the Venus Legacy treatment?
Initial results, such as improved skin texture and cellulite reduction, may be visible after the first treatment. Full results, such as skin firming and reduction in body circumference, usually become visible after a series of treatments.