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At White Lotus, we combine modern High Tech treatments with spa tradition to create a unique relaxation experience. Our professional care methods guarantee efficiency and luxurious pleasure. Discover the harmony of body and mind at our spot.

Spa treatments

Immerse yourself in a world of relaxation and indulgence with our spa treatments.
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High-tech treatments

Discover cutting-edge solutions for beauty and skin at our salon, offering High Tech treatments. 
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White Lotus offers holistic care, combining modern High Tech treatments with traditional spa rituals. Thanks to innovative technologies, our High Tech treatments provide skin revitalisation and improvement. Spa treatments, on the other hand, are full relaxation, benefiting from natural ingredients and aromatherapy.


BTL Emtone is a unique anti-cellulite therapy that eliminates the body's main aesthetic flaws: cellulite and skin flabbiness.

Icoone Laser Medical 2.0

It reduces cellulite, body circumference and stimulates the whole skin to renew itself. 

Icoone Laser body and face

The ICOONE® facial firming treatment is the latest development in skin stimulation methods!


It reduces cellulite, body circumference and stimulates the whole skin to renew itself.

Venus Legacy

Venus Legacy is an innovative technology that uses a combination of radiofrequency energy and magnetic fields to target cellulite

Laser hair removal 

Laser hair removal is a precise procedure during which the hair follicle is heated.

LPG endermologie

Endermologie is a patented technology,
using continuous or sequential vacuums to affect connective tissue.

ULFIT medical HIFU

The ULFIT medical HIFU treatment is an advanced technology that uses ultrasound concentrated at a single point.

Maximus TriLipo

Maximus TriLipo is an innovative cosmetology service that uses advanced 3D body contouring technology.

Exilis Elite

EXILIS ELITE is an innovative device that combines the power of ultrasound and high-frequency (RF) energy.

HIEMT EMS body sculpting

HI-EMT Muscle stimulator
Electromagnetic muscle stimulation and fat reduction

BTL LYMPHASTIM lymphatic drainage

BTL Lymphastim lymphatic drainage is an advanced technology that uses pneumatic compression to stimulate the lymphatic system.


A massage is the perfect gift idea for a loved one, allowing them to relax and unwind from their daily worries.

Cavitation peeling

It allows slow abrasion of the skin surface, micro layer by micro layer, until the desired level is reached.

Oxygen infusion

The perfect post-summer treatment Oxy Pro Oxygen Infusion, an incredibly nourishing and brightening treatment!

Medik8 Cosmetics

Medik8 is a renowned cosmetics brand known for its innovative formulations and effective skincare products.
Our surgeries

High-Tech and SPA Cabinet

As the White Lotus, we have two separate surgeries. One is where we perform High-Tech treatments and the other is a spa salon where you can relax. Make an appointment today!

High-Tech Salon

50-541 Wrocław
8/2 Armii Krajowej Avenue
The office is located at the rear of the AB Centre
Ample parking in front of the office

Opening hours
Monday - Friday 9-20
Saturday 9-17

SPA Salon

50-541 Wrocław
8/1 Armii Krajowej Avenue
The office is located at the rear of the AB Centre
Ample parking in front of the office

Opening hours
Monday - Friday 9-20
Saturday 9-17
Why we

Why White Lotus

The White Lotus Massage and Physiotherapy Cabinet is a reputable place in the centre of Wrocław that offers comprehensive health care and relaxing treatments for the body and mind.

Specialised Therapy

Our practice was established for patients seeking effective help in dealing with a variety of physical ailments, such as back pain, neck pain or muscular sports injuries.

Offer of treatments and rituals

We understand that physical health is closely linked to mental health, which is why, in addition to therapeutic therapies, we also offer a wide range of relaxation treatments and rituals that allow our clients to relax and unwind after a busy day. 

Modern technology

 We have state-of-the-art medical and cosmetic equipment available on the market to effectively combat skin problems.

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Blossom with charm enjoy harmony 

Let us care for your body and skin, restoring a youthful glow and balance. Immerse yourself in luxury and enjoy our comprehensive spa services and state-of-the-art laser treatments that will leave you feeling renewed and energised.
Specialisation in the treatment of various ailments
Varied offer of relaxation treatments and rituals
Modern technology and effective methods to combat skin problems

Feedback from our customers

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A visit to the White Lotus is a real rest for the soul and body. The spa treatment was extremely relaxing and the atmosphere of the place was magical.

Magda Tłoczek

I highly recommend the Icoone Laser treatment - the skin has become firmer and the cellulite less visible.

Anna Markowska

What impressed me most is that the treatment is completely painless and non-invasive. You only need to take a few moments and the results are truly impressive!

Hanna Dunkiel

Treatment Offer

Modern treatments and traditional spa 

At our outlet, we focus on the synergy of modern skincare innovations with traditional spa rituals. With modern treatments using the latest technology, we provide clients with effective skin care and relaxation. At the same time, we indulge in the spa tradition, offering a full respite from the hustle and bustle of everyday life through natural ingredients, aromatherapy and relaxation rituals.

High-tech treatments

Discover our range of high-tech treatments. All treatments are performed by specialists using world-class equipment. 

Spa treatments

Relax during one of our spa treatments where you will experience harmony of the senses and relaxation while enhancing the natural beauty of your skin.
Treatment Offer

Improved appearance and well-being

White Lotus is your place of peace, beauty and renewal! We are a proud company that combines a modern approach to beauty with the tradition of relaxing spa rituals. Our mission is to provide holistic solutions that will not only transform your appearance, but also enhance your well-being.
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