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ICOONE is a vacuum massage device. Its principle of operation is based on the patented Roboderm technology, which involves the work of mechanised massage heads that have rollers with numerous micro-holes. These form a Multi Microstimulation, which acts precisely and deeply on every millimetre of skin, without stretching it or causing trauma.



ICOONE- effectiveness in the fight against cellulite, localised fatty tissue and flabby skin!
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The skin receives 1180 microstimulation stimuli per dm2 with each full movement of the head. The result is an extremely thorough, multidimensional massage of the treated area with great respect for the skin.

Price: PLN 180

Time: 90 min

Location: 8/2 Armii Krajowej Avenue Wrocław

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Effects of Icoone treatment:

● improving the appearance and tone of the skin
● improving skin elasticity
● slimming
● reduction of cellulite
● skin rejuvenation
● firming of the skin
● increasing skin firmness after liposuction
● improving physical and mental well-being
● reduction of swelling
● treatment of burns and scars
● complement other body shaping treatments

Indications for treatment:

ICOONE Laser treatments are ideal for people:

● those struggling with cellulite, deeply localized fatty tissue, resistant to diet
and physical exercise

● those with a problem of loose skin whose body tends to retain too much water who wish to give their face a young and healthy look without the need for surgical intervention after liposuction procedures who have scars

● those with muscle pain, back pain and neck pain caused by poor posture

● those suffering from constipation

● women after childbirth

● those involved in competitive or amateur sport

● those who live intensively and require a massage to regenerate their body and mind

Contraindications to Icoone treatment:

● systemic diseases in active period (diabetes, hypertension)
● cancer
● pregnancy (first trimester)
● inflammatory psoriasis at the treatment site
● disruption of the skin at the treatment site
● inflammation of the skin
● infectious and inflammatory diseases of the body
● kidney and liver diseases in the acute phase
Icoone Laser body and face


Joanna Krupa: "...Krupa eliminates beauty imperfections with a variety of treatments: she undergoes an Icoone massage three times a week to smooth her skin..."

(Source: Tele magazine)

Maja Ostaszewska: "...Also on the list of favourite treatments is Icoone...".

(source: www.skinclinic.pl)

Ewa Gawryluk: "Popular film and theatre actress. She made her stage debut in 1992 at the Współczesny Theatre in Warsaw, with which she has been associated to this day. She delights with her delicate beauty, thanks to which she is considered one of the most beautiful Polish actresses. At the La Perla clinic, she enjoys using Icoone treatments, which perfectly model her figure."

(source: la-perla.pl)

Anna Mucha: "Actress. In 2010, she was ranked seventy-third in Forbes' ranking of the hundred most valuable stars in Polish show business. She made her big screen debut at the age of 10, in a film by Andrzej Wajda. Anna Mucha is a shining example of the combination of talent, beauty and intelligence. She owes her much-talked-about metamorphosis to the La Perla clinic, thanks to which she made it to the lists of the sexiest Polish women. Anna Mucha takes care of her body, she is most fond of Icoone and Exilis treatments, which guarantee her a firm, slender body. She looks sensational after her pregnancy, and this is also due to this treatment."
(source: la-perla.pl)

Maja Sablewska: "For a long time she asserted that she owed her good looks to a healthy diet. However, she later revealed that she enjoys professional facial and body treatments.
- Sablewska told Small Talk."
(Source: www.plotek.pl)

How did the laser work? 

Clinical trials

Clinical studies conducted at prestigious universities, confirm the effectiveness of ICOONE treatments. In particular, Professor Scuderi's research has shown a huge advantage in the effectiveness of microstructural stimulation, compared to other vacuum treatments. This non-invasive method has produced remarkable results, even for the most difficult cases.
ICOONE treatment description:

The massage system includes a 20-minute programme of basic full-body massages (BASIC) and 10-minute massages focused on parts of the body selected by the patient (FOCUS).

- The recommended treatment programme includes 10 to 20 treatments in a series.
- The final number of Icoone treatments and their frequency is discussed individually during the pre-treatment consultation.
- We recommend performing treatments every 2-3 days for best results.

The ICOONE® facial firming treatment is the latest development in skin stimulation methods!

The device sets completely new trends and redefines the concept of beauty. It is the only method that can treat the infinitely small with infinitely great results. The effectiveness of this method is sensational - the results are visible after the very first treatment!
ICOONE device:

With the ICOONE® device, firming treatments can be performed on the décolletage area, neck, face, lip and eye contours. In areas that are very delicate and difficult to access with other apparatus. The treatments result in a multidimensional therapeutic massage, the outcome of which will leave you in awe as tissue fibrosis is reduced and cells are stimulated to produce elastin and collagen. The skin is firmer, tighter and smoother - in a word: it regenerates!

Evolutionary ICOONE® treatments help to eliminate crow's feet, facial wrinkles, puffy eyelids, dark circles and bags under the eyes. This reliable method massages the skin, tightens it, smooths wrinkles and improves colour.
Price list

Price list of our services

Come and enjoy our services where we take care of your beauty and well-being. Prices are subject to change depending on the specific treatment. If you have any further questions or would like to make an appointment, please contact us.
1 procedure 
5 treatments
10 treatments
15 treatments
Base + 1 focus
PLN 180
PLN 700
PLN 1350
PLN 1950
Base + 1 focus + LASER
PLN 230
PLN 870
1800 zł
PLN 2470
Base + 2 focus
PLN 230
PLN 850
PLN 1700
PLN 2550
Base + 2 focus + LASER
280 zł
PLN 995
1990 PLN
PLN 2985
Base + 3 focus
260 zł
PLN 1100
2000 PLN
PLN 2850
Base + 3 focus + LASER
300 zł
PLN 1200
PLN 3300
Base + 4 focus
280 zł
PLN 1300
PLN 2300
PLN 3150
Base + 4 focus + LASER
PLN 330
PLN 1350
PLN 2500
PLN 3750
PLN 80
PLN 80
For packages of 10 and 15 Icoone treatments, costume free, regular price £80.
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Frequently asked questions 

We have prepared a list of the most frequently asked questions below. 
What exactly is Icoone?
Icoone Laser®MED 2 is an innovative aesthetic medicine technology that uses advanced laser techniques to nullify cellulite, firm skin and reduce signs of skin ageing.
How does Icoone work?
Icoone Laser®MED 2 works by stimulating the deep layers of the skin using precise laser pulses and mechanical movements of the head. This combination helps to improve blood circulation, stimulate collagen and elastin production and smooth skin texture.
What areas of the body can be treated with Icoone?
Icoone Laser®MED 2 can be used to target cellulite and improve skin condition on various areas of the body, including thighs, buttocks, abdomen, arms and other areas prone to aesthetic changes.
Is the treatment safe?
Yes, Icoone Laser®MED 2 is a safe technology that is used in reputable aesthetic medicine practices around the world. A thorough history and skin assessment is carried out prior to treatment to ensure the safety and effectiveness of the procedure.