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BTL Emtone is a unique anti-cellulite therapy that eliminates the body's main aesthetic flaws: cellulite and skin flabbiness. It is a revolutionary combination of two proven technologies with spectacular results - monopolar radiofrequency and acoustic waves of targeted energy. The synchronised delivery of thermal and mechanical energy causes structural changes in the tissue, which are necessary to achieve fast and lasting results in body shaping and skin firming.


The touch of the future in cellulite reduction!

In our career of over 11 years, we have never encountered such an effective and sensational device for fat and cellulite reduction!
This is a unique combination of monopolar radiofrequency and shock wave in one applicator! The simultaneous use of two technologies maximises the effects of the treatment and effectively helps to get rid of problems such as localised fat accumulation, cellulite, skin flabbiness and lack of firmness, metabolic disorders and accumulation of metabolic products.
Quick and lasting results
Highest safety - no side effects
Reduction of up to 5 causes of skin imperfections
Suitable for all types of cellulite 
Suitable for all skin types

Price: from 450zł

Time: Depends on the treatment batch from 15 min

Location: 8/2 Armii Krajowej Avenue Wrocław

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Effects of BTL EMTONE treatment

Cellulite reduction: BTL EMTONE uses advanced technology to reduce the appearance of cellulite on the skin, improving its smoothness and uniformity.
Skin texture levelling: thanks to a combined action with radio waves and acoustic waves, BTL EMTONE helps to even out skin texture, reducing unevenness and smoothing the surface.
Skin firming: the BTL EMTONE service can help to increase skin elasticity and firm areas such as the abdomen, thighs or buttocks, giving the skin a more youthful appearance.
Body circumference reduction: Thanks to its effective action on adipose tissue and skin, BTL EMTONE can help reduce body circumference, resulting in better fitting clothes and an improved silhouette.
A comfortable and safe procedure: The BTL EMTONE procedure is non-invasive and requires no recovery period, meaning you can return to your daily activities immediately after the procedure.
Long-lasting results: After a series of treatments with BTL EMTONE, you will notice long-lasting results that last for many months, provided you maintain a healthy lifestyle.
Improved wellbeing: By improving the appearance of the skin and silhouette, BTL EMTONE can also contribute to increased self-confidence and an improved overall sense of wellbeing.
Customisation: The BTL EMTONE procedure can be tailored to each patient's individual needs and aesthetic goals, allowing everyone to achieve their desired results.

Indications for treatment:

● cellulite

● localised accumulation of adipose tissue

● loss of skin elasticity

● flaccidity and lack of firmness of the skin
uneven skin surface (e.g. after lipolysis, liposuction)

● accumulation of metabolic products

● fatty and lymphatic oedema

● metabolic disorders

● abnormal lymphatic circulation

Contraindications to BTL EMTONE treatment

● Pregnancy and breastfeeding: The BTL EMTONE procedure is not recommended for pregnant or breastfeeding women due to a lack of safety data for these patient groups.

● Metal implants: Those with metal implants in the treatment area should consult their doctor before starting the procedure, as interactions with radiofrequency and acoustic waves may occur.

● Skin diseases: patients suffering from active skin infection, autoimmune skin diseases such as psoriasis or psoriasis vulgaris should avoid the BTL EMTONE procedure.

● Chronic diseases: people with chronic diseases such as diabetes, heart disease or blood clotting disorders should consult their doctor before undergoing the BTL EMTONE procedure.

● Electronic implants: Patients with implanted electronic devices, such as pacemakers or insulin pumps, should avoid the BTL EMTONE procedure due to the risk of electromagnetic interference.

● Tumours: Individuals with malignancies or tumours in the treatment area should avoid the BTL EMTONE procedure due to the lack of safety data and possible risk of tumour growth stimulation.

● Recent surgical procedures: Individuals who have undergone recent surgical procedures in the treatment area should allow adequate time for full skin healing and consultation with a physician before undergoing the BTL EMTONE procedure.

● Severe circulatory disorders: Patients with severe circulatory disorders, such as deep vein thrombosis or peripheral vascular disease, should avoid the BTL EMTONE procedure due to the risk of worsening their condition.

● Violations of skin integrity: Individuals with open wounds, ulcers or other violations of skin integrity in the treatment area should defer the BTL EMTONE procedure until the tissues have fully healed.

● Individual contraindications: There are also other individual contraindications that should be communicated to your doctor before starting the BTL EMTONE procedure, such as allergies to the ingredients used in the treatment.
How did the Emtone device work? 

Monopolar radiofrequency

Monopolar radiofrequency is a unipolar wave that reaches deep into the subcutaneous tissue, thus affecting connective and adipose tissue. The tissue is heated to 42-45°C, which leads to the stimulation of collagen fibre synthesis by fibroblasts and the reduction of fat stores accumulated in fat cells.

Sound waves are shock waves

Acoustic waves are shock waves that, by causing vibrations in the tissue, cause disruption of the connections in the membrane of fat cells, resulting in faster release and metabolisation of fat. The stimulation of circulation within the treated skin, results in faster removal of metabolites and increases the supply of oxygen and nutrients that reach the tissues with the blood.
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Frequently asked questions 

We have prepared a list of the most frequently asked questions below. 
Is the procedure painful?
No, the Emtone treatment is comfortable. There is a distinct feeling of warmth and vibration.
How long is the recovery period?
The treatment does not require a period of convalescence. As a result of the heating of the tissues, a warm erythema may appear, which disappears spontaneously.
When will I see the first results?
In the majority of clients, a marked improvement in skin condition can be seen after the first treatment. The optimum number for best results is 4 treatments repeated once a week.
Is BTL EMTONE suitable for my skin type and problems?
Potential patients are interested in whether the BTL EMTONE procedure is suitable for their particular skin type and whether it can help address their individual concerns, such as cellulite or loss of skin elasticity.